Prof. Dr. P.X. Britto M.E.,Ph.D.,MISTE., Joined as the Principal of this Polytechnic in May 2016 with a great passion to serve the rural youth community for their technical enlightenment and make the socially responsible citizens to excel in their life. He has immense passion towards the founders mission and commissioned this service with his rich qualification and strong academic track. He completed his PhD degree from Anna University and Published his research articles in more than 6 refereed International journals which include reputed publications like Taylor and Francis UK and also he has done 3 international conferences in which most of them are IEEE sponsored. He has served as research coordinator for M.E and B.E students and initiated research projects in the previous institutions where he served and has joined this institution with the flair to inculcate technical upgradation along with moral discpline in the rural young minds.

Prof. Dr. P.X. Britto M.E.,Ph.D., MISTE.,