Mechanical Engineering Branch was started in the year 1984 with an intake of 60 students. The intake was increased from 60 to 90 in 2003 and subsequently the additional intake 30 was added and total raised to 120 in 2012. The department has well qualified and experienced faculty members and the laboratories are equipped with latest instruments and modern machineries that includes

1. Workshop (Smithy, Foundry and Welding)
2. Machine Shop( Lathe and Special Machines)
3. CNC Lab.
4. Thermodynamics Lab.
5. Fitting Shop.
6. Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Lab.
7. Process Automation Lab.
8. Quality Control Lab.
9. CAD/CAM Lab

Staff List

1 Mr.   R.NachimuthuM.Tech.,MBA.HOD
2 Mr.   S. Sahayam M.Tech., Sr.Lect.
3 Mr.   S. Sanjay M.E., Sr.Lect.
4 Mr.   B. Ramar B.E., Sr.Lect.
5 Mr.   C. Bharathi B.E., Sr.Lect.
6 Mr.   N. Manikandan B.E., Sr.Lect.
7 Mr.   N. Thirumalai Samy M.E., Lect.
8 Mr.   R. Sakthivel M.E., Lect.
9 Mr.   B. Sivakumar M.E., Lect.
10 Mr.   G. Karnajothi M.E., Lect.
11 Mrs. S. Saradha DME., Sr.A.Lect
12 Mr.   M. Antony Raj I.T.I. Lab Inst.
13 Mr.   X. Dhanraj StanislasI.T.I. Lab Inst.
14 Ms.   R. Udhayarani D.CSE.,Lab Inst.