Separate hostels for Boys and Girls are available. A warden, assistant warden and five residential advisors are appointed to look after the students as well as to maintain peaceful atmosphere in the boys hostel.

           Our Founder Dr. Mrs. MARY CHERIAN inaugurated the modernized Boys Hostel on 31.05.2014 to enable the students to stay homely environment. The Hostel covers a wide area providing all possible facilities to make the students feel secure and homely.

           A warden and a lady staff coordinator are appointed to look after the girl students and to maintain the peaceful homely atmosphere.


          Library is a House of Knowledge. To support the academic requirements of the staff and students, our college has a well-stocked Library having separate stocking and reading areas. To update their knowledge at international levels, current journals related to their discipline are subscribed. Digital Library also maintained for the benefit of the students.


Volumes 19250

Titles  6157


Journals  18

Magazines  10

News Papers  5

Non- Book Materials(Journals, Books & Projects CD)  460

Reference Materials 

Reference Books  406

Projects  84


          Transport facilities are provided to the students and staff. Buses are operated from various places to enable the students to come to the college with safety.


          The Placement and Training Cell of Christian Polytechnic College plays a vital role by being a platform for Corporate and young diploma holders to interact for mutual benefit. Services are provided throughout the year to prepare students to secure placements. The number of students placed through campus placement programs is on the rise every year. The Off Campus program is also arranged for the passed out students by our Principal.

Seminar Halls

          There 2 ultra modern seminar halls with a seating capacity of 300 and 100 respectively. These halls are equipped with state-of-the-art audio visual tools and projector. The seminar halls have played major role to host not only student-industry interactions but also to a wide variety of technical events and contests.

          It provides the ideal setting for department association meetings, management events, cultural events and industrial interaction programmes.

Industrial Interaction Cell


The main objectives of this centre are to provide
        (i) Industrial Interaction Programs and
        (ii) Training and Development Programs


Signing MOUs (Memorandum of Understanding) between Industries and our institution. Initiation of industrial oriented projects with the coordination of the department HODs and Staff coordinators. Inviting the Industrial delegates and academic experts to deliver seminars. Guest Lecturers for students and faculty. Governance and guidance for Industrial Visits with the coordination of department HODs and Staff coordinators. Initiating preliminary level research interests among students and faculty (by encouraging them to present and publish their research ideas in international conferences and journals). Identifying the difficult subjects and arrange special coachings.To arrange job oriented Add-on Courses.To arrange faculty development programs.

Extra-curricular activities

          Extra – Curricular activities like NSS, YRC, Sports and Games are available. Extensive and well maintained playground available for excellent participation in Games and Sports. Our students enthusiastically participate in the district and state level IPAA meet and add fame to our institution.

We have Modern laboratories that include,

Civil Engineering

1. Hydraulics Lab

2. Material Testing Lab1 and Lab2.

3. Surveying Lab1 and Lab2.

4. Construction Lab.

5. CAD Lab.

Mechanical Engineering

1. Workshop (Smithy, Foundry and Welding)

2. Machine Shop( Lathe and Special Machines)

3. CNC Lab.

4. Thermodynamics Lab.

5. Fitting Shop.

6. Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Lab.

7. Process Automation Lab.

8. Quality Control Lab.

9. CAD/CAM Lab.

Electrical & Electronics Engineering

1. Electrical Machines Lab.

2. Power Electronics Lab.

3. Wiring and Winding Lab.

4. Simulation Lab.

Electronics and Communication Lab

1. Micro controller Lab.

2. Digital Communication Lab.

3. Electronic Devices and Circuit Lab.

4. Industrial Electronics and Communication Lab.

5. Embedded and VLSI Lab.

Computer Engineering

1. Hardware and Networking Lab.

2. Computer Centre 1.

3. Computer Centre 2.

4. Internet with Broadband connectivity.

Automobile Engineering

1. Industrial Automation Lab.

2. Automobile Chassis and Transmission Lab.

First Year

1. Physics Lab.

2. Chemistry Lab.

3. English Communication Lab.